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Proxy Provider

What is a Proxy Provider?

A Proxy Provider is an engine used to determine which proxy is used for the current network flow.

In LanceX, the Proxy Provider chooses a proxy exclusively based on a Regular Expression. This allows for dynamic updates when adding or removing proxies.

Additionally, a Proxy Provider can be embedded within another Proxy Provider, forming a tree map structure.

What are the types of Proxy Provider?

There are four types of Proxy Provider:

  1. select: This type allows manual selection of a proxy. However, please note that it may not be accurate if your proxies change.
  2. fallback: This type selects proxies in a sequential order. If the current proxy is down or times out, the next one in line will be used.
  3. load_balance: This type efficiently distributes incoming network traffic across a group of proxies.
  4. url-test: This type selects the proxy to be used by benchmarking the speed to a specific URL.

How to set Proxy Provider?

There are two ways to set Proxy Provider:

  1. You can set it globally in Rule > Advance > Default Proxy Parameter. All routes matching PROXY will use the Proxy Provider. Please note that if you set this, the proxy you selected in Proxy View will not affect the connection, and the proxy details in the Control Panel will also change based on the Proxy Provider results.
  2. You can also set it for individual rules. When you change a rule’s target to PROXY, you can choose a Proxy Provider.
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