I press start but it turns off automatically

Usually it is because of the mistake of the proxy setting. For example DNS failed, TLS validation failed. most of time, use ip instead of domain could solve the problem.

It starts but I could not access anything

Check the proxy setting again, some mistakes may be found on the self check but some may not, and also check your proxy server using another tool to make sure it’s available.

If you could not find the reason, enable the Logging in the About, start the proxy, reproduce the problem, and then Feedback the log to us.

Import from clipboard or qrcode is not working

There are lots of URI and QRCode formats. Currently we only follow the most common ones. We will do our best to make it compatible with more formats, so tell us the URI format rule or how and where was it generated, it will be supported if common enough.

Now we support

  • shadowsocks
    • ss://method:password@hostname:port#TAG
  • socks5
    • socks://user:password@hostname:port#TAG
    • socks5://user:password@hostname:port#TAG
    • socks://BASE64-ENCODED-STRING-WITHOUT-PADDING#TAG (Export style)
  • trojan
    • trojan://password@hostname:port#TAG
    • trojan://BASE64-ENCODED-STRING-WITHOUT-PADDING#TAG (Export style)
    • trojan-go://password@hostname:port?PARAMS#TAG
  • vmess
    • vmess://method:uuid@hostname:port#TAG
    • vmess://BASE64-ENCODED-STRING-WITHOUT-PADDING#TAG (Export style)
  • http
    • http://user:password@hostname:port#TAG (Export style)
    • https://user:password@hostname:port#TAG (Export style)

Are there any logs so that I can see what’s wrong

Yes, turn on the Logging in the Setting , start the proxy, and then you may find the logs, it keeps the last 10 times of the running.

I’d like to report some bugs or give some suggestions

Feedback is important to us, feel free to contact us.